A penny saved... is worth sharing (at least where you saved it at)

Welcome to our new penny pinching site for Canadian Maritimers, although all are welcome to let us know about deals wherever they find them.

With all of the economic activity lately, it's best to be able to save money wherever you can. Wouldn't you rather it be in your pocket then the businesses around you? That's what we are here for. We love a deal as much as anyone; we thrive on them and we want to share them with you so that you can benefit from a penny saved as well. Please let us know about any deals you may find also. We always love that kind of news.

Deals of the week:

Shoppers Drug Mart

Butter $3.49/lbs (butter regularly goes for $4.20-$4.70)
Activia Yogurt $2.99 (reg $3.49)

Atlantic Superstore

Strip Loin Steak $13.21/ kg (less than 1/2 price!)
PC Granola Bars $1.69 (reg $2.19 and they have to better than the Kashi ones!
PC Frozen Orange Juice $1.25 (reg $1.79, that's right the same price as the good minute maid stuff, go figure why they are the same reg price, they taste close, but not THAT close!)
PC Pop $.88 (reg $1.25, but you don't want to drink pop, right?)
Hellmans Mayonnaise $3.49 (reg $5.49, great for Epicure's Extraordinary Cheese Dip)
PC Diapers jr pack 2/ $35

I'll come back and get sobeys and coop later. I have to get some supper in the oven.

Enjoy your day!

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