Deals of the week


Cracker Barrel cheese -$4.77 a block and apparently there are coupons at some locations in the dairy section for more money off!
McCain Traditional Pizza $2.99! This is a great deal. Cook up a couple, cut them in slices and freeze. Makes a great lunch box meal.
PC Frozen Orange Juice- still on for $1.29
Heinz beans, pasta or soup- $.79, again great for some lunches, 72 hour kit or a quick warmer upper.
Quaker Rice Cakes-$1.49
Philly Cream Cheese- $2.49


45% of National Boxed Bras!
Bounty 15 roll Paper towels $12.97
Cottonelle 24 double rolls $11.97 reg $19.99
Kellogg's Assorted cereals $2.97


Coop Flour $9.99 for 10 kg
Del Monte Fruit 398ml 4/$5.00


Kellogs Raisin Bran, Froot Loops, Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, bran flakes, mini wheats or Frosted Flakes 2/$5.00 -and bonus on the Frosted Flakes (I don't know about the others, I just saw this one) coupons on the back for admission to the zoo or museum! Great for the summer getaways, they don't expire until December 30th.
Catelli Pasta $.99 500g
Compliments Cheese $4.88 for 520g

Enjoy your day!

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