Christmas Frugal Giveaway AND a deal as well!

So this chick, Angela Biggley, has a wonderful prize for a give away here on Maritime Penny Pinchers. Check this pic out:

Wouldn't you want it? I know I do. I wonder if I can leave my own comment and try to win. It would make a wonderful present that you don't have to purchase for Christmas this year!

It's simple how to get it. All you have to do is leave a frugal tip comment here on my blog and you will be entered in the contest. Post about the giveaway and come back and leave another comment WITH the link to your post and you get a second entry, be a follower, or become one, and leave an entry stating you are a follower and you get another entry. Contest starts today and ends December 3rd, 2009.

PLUS being the nice woman she is, she is going to give a gift to each and every one of you that come down to the Farmer's Market at 100 Belvedere Ave in Charlottetown either tonight, from 4pm-8pm, or next Wednesday December 2nd from 4pm-8pm. IF you mention that you heard about her here on the Maritime Penny Pincher Blog, she will give you 10% off your items that you purchase at her A Quilt and a Cake stall. She's on the righthand side right when you walk in, but you have to mention the blog to get the deal. Check her out. LOTS of handmade stockings, aprons, quilts, cup cozies, and lots of baby items all for a really decent price. Plus it's homemade and local. Come visit Angela from A Quilt and a Cake at the Farmer's Market here in Charlottetown.


sara said...

Here's my frugal tip (and I have many...)

"Find a penny,
pick it up,
all day long
you'll have good luck!"
(not only that, you will have a penny in your pocket when you need one!) WHY do ppl throw away pennies? Just another pag ein my hymn book about "one man's trash is another's treasure"!
THANKS Angela! How are the chickens?

Sondra said...

Here is one of my frugal tips, it was really hard to just pick one as well since there is so many. I use fabric softener sheets in my dryer when I don't hang my clothes out on the line and instead of using one whole sheet per load, I cut them in half! Sometimes, I even reuse them one more time if the dryer wasn't on for that long. The package lasts longer, saves me money and it still works with only half a sheet!

Sondra said...

Oh...I had to post this one too because of the time of year. I have a few left over oranges that for some reason no-one wants to eat and they are starting to look like I need to throw them out or eat them all now! I hate buying food and it just going to waste! So I decided to put them to good use. We will be decorating our tree on Saturday(hopefully) and instead of throwing out my oranges I will be drying them out and using them as tree ornaments! I am sure you have seen this before or heard of them. But I think it is another frugal tip!!

"Being frugal does not mean being cheap!It means being economical and avoiding waste."
Catherine Pulsifer

They are also great to add to gifts or even give as gifts. You can rub cinnamon to them before drying(which makes them smell amazing), hang them with nice ribbon and you can even add glitter to them once dried. So many things you can do to them or add them to after they are dried. This works well with apples too!

Tami said...

Can I enter, or do I have to live in the Maritimes to be eligible?

Either way, our kids draw name for each other each year for Christmas. We've always given them a spending limit but this year I suggested they make the gifts for each other. We include the dog in this as well (she is part of the family, you know.) Brittany got the dog this year and she is going to make homemade doggie treats. Found lots of recipes for dog food and dog treats online. Much cheaper than buying the stuff in the store, especially if your dog is a pig, as is mine.

Anonymous said...

My frugal tip is to have a snack kit in the back of the van. It has munchies and water bottles. Buy these when they are on Sale and save for whenever needed. When you are out and the kids want to stop at the convenience store or a restaurant, they are great to have on hand. They are also go for a break down, unexpected delay or running Holiday Errands. Happy Holidays!!! BTW, I really want another apron. LOL

Sue said...
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Sue said...

Hi! I do not wish to be in the apron draw (you know why ;-), but I wanted to leave a tip about food storage. Before Thanksgiving my husband and I went to a local farmer's market icecream counter that was closing for the winter and picked up a bunch of 5 gallon icecream buckets for free. Then he went to a local saw mill and got a couple of bags of free sawdust. When carrots went on sale for 20 cents a pound we bought 45lbs and stored them in the icecream buckets layered with dry saw dust. So, for $9.00 we have a whole winter's worth of veggies tucked safely away in the pantry.

Let the party begin... said...

I know it's probably too late for the draw but my tip is this, I save all the ends of the bread that my kids refuse to eat. I throw it in the food processor and make bread crumbs and freeze it as I need it.

The Super Seven said...

My frugal tip has to do with coupons. I love to get a deal and I love to even save more with a coupon. I keep a small photo album in my purse with all my coupons sorted so I can flip through them at the grocery store quickly when I see a great bargain. I hate to miss out!! It's also handy to be able to flip through it when going through the weekly flyers. Last week Sunlight HE laundry soap was on for $4 and then on the bottles were books of coupons that had a $2 off coupon inside. I got 7 bottles for $14...had I paid full price it would have been $ was a sweet sale!!!! It helps sometimes to email companies and ask if they send out coupons....sometimes you can get on a mailing list or just luck into getting some extras!!

The Super Seven said...

I just became a follower.....I really don't know why I hadn't done this sooner.....

WeeMama said...

Last year I bought %100 wool sweaters from second hand shops - then felted them in hot water. You can then cut them up and make really cozy mitts. I took the leftover scraps and made purses for my daughters birthday party as well. Very easy and requires very little sewing skill.

Anonymous said...

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