Honestly, how many of you use coupons when you shop? Does having a coupon decide where to shop and what to buy? I must admit, that I wish we had as many coupons and areas to get coupons as they do in the states. We do have some coupon sites here in Canada.

Some of the sites that you can get coupons on are (but you have to wait for the coupons to be mailed to you),, where they have all of their coupons broken down in to categories (some are printable and some are mailed to you), red flag deals, and Bargain Moose.

Remember when using your coupons, to make sure you check the expiration date and actually get the product. Also, check the unit price, because there may be another brand that is on sale for a better price.

Check the stores when you are doing your regular shopping. When they have the instore coupons on display, grab a couple of coupons for later on. Not the whole pack, but a reasonable number, 3 or 4. Then save them for when the product to go on sale. It's like getting a present.

I once had a coupon for Honey Bunches of Oats for $1.50 off when you bought two. Well, I held on for a little bit, and it went on for a good sale. I managed to get a box for $0.94!! Now there is something to brag about.

Another place to get coupons is to CALL the company. Writing in, or emailing doesn't do as much, but if you call in to ask a question, give a suggestion, or have a comment, they may (if you are very nice) send you some really good coupons to buy more of their product. It's work on your part, but it's like getting paid with coupons.

I do wish that there were more places to get coupons, like in the newspaper or on products a bit more, or if they had double coupon days at the store, or honoured their competitors coupons as well. But I will take them when and where I can.

Tell me, do you have a great place to get coupons, or a great deal you want to share about? Please feel free.

Enjoy your day!

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