Exchanging Christmas Tips

Maybe this one should have been first before the Christmas organization part. My apologies for that. I really should have had it first as it's something that happens in our family around the end of September or early October.

In my family there are 5 children and all 5 are married. In my husband's family there are 5 children, all married. That's 16 presents that each couple ends up buying. We started exchanging names individually and once the last child was married we exchanged as couples. It was such a great way to simplify that our parents have even put their names in the respective hats.

We decide on a price limit together, depending on financial restraints of everyone. It's great to see the deals that you can get for someone and forces you to think about what you want to give them as a couple or breaking it up for the individuals. We ask for, and give lists of, ideas of gifts. It's nice when you can find the item on sale and then you are able to get them a little something extra that they weren't expecting.

Now instead of buying 20 presents this year (parents included) and spending, say $25 a person for a total of $500, I have to buy for two couples and the total price limit between the two families comes to $125! What a savings!

Try it out! Brothers, sisters, friends, wherever you have a list that involves all the similar people and see the savings.

Enjoy your day!

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