Frugal Christmas Gifts: reduce, reuse, recycle, REGIFT!??!?!

We all know that we need to be environmentally friendly, and we often try because we want to make a change, or because the law tells us we have too. But have you ever thought of being environmentally friendly at Christmas?

Today, we are thinking of regifting. Have you ever regifted a present or received a regift? What are you thoughts on this? Do you know the rules of regifting? Or when or what to regift and not to regift? Well, today the rules get explained.

Some of the preliminary questions to ask would be:

Is it reusable?
Is it in good condition?
Will someone want it? Don't just get rid of your junk to someone else.
Do you remember who gave it to you so that you don't give it back to them?
Is it a personal one of a kind item that the original gifter may recognize if they venture over to the new receiver of this gift?

There are a few more questions that you should read about over at that's where some of these questions came from. Check it out.

Then once you have answered these questions, you need to think of this:

You need to update the wrapping paper.
Make sure it's clean and usuable. You don't want to give someone a broken light, hairdryer, whatever, right? Regifters are to be thoughtful about these things.
Don't give used clothes, specifically, those with stains and rips on them. That's just not cool.
Don't tell the receiver. They may not know, or they may think that you went to a thrift store or somewhere else. If they truly question you, you will have to tell them.

There are a few more ideas about what and what not to regift over at msn money. Check it out to make sure you don't break any rules. Just think these things, although it takes some work, are saving you money.

I'll tell you, I regifted a lot of things, more specifically right after we got married. I had a lot of tea towels and glasses that just didn't match and I couldn't figure out where to return them too, so they were regifted. All the recipients were very grateful. I don't see anything wrong with it and have never been insulted with receiving one either. Especially when it's a thoughtful gift.

So let me know, have you ever received a regift or given one? We all would love to hear your story. And don't forget to send in your frugal ideas.

Enjoy your day!

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