Frugal Flowers

Everyone love's flowers whether cut or grown in a pot or even better, in your garden! Well now, my dear reader's, is the time to start thinking of spring! I know it's not even winter yet, and personally, I am having a hard time thinking it's coming when we have gorgeous weather like we have been having. I am not complaining though.

Anyway, a lot of places that sell fall bulbs have them on for 50% off right now! That means that you can buy twice as many! These make excellent gifts just in a bag, or you can put them in a pot for a present for Christmas, and have them be forced bulbs for them to be able to enjoy spring a little sooner. They will just have to keep them in a cool, dark place for the 6 weeks after Christmas.

Also, check out school fairs and craft shows for bulbs, or see if a friend wants to divide the bulbs that they have that may be taking over their flower garden. It's always nice to share.

I, recently, attended my children's school fair and was able to purchase daffodil and tulip bulbs from Vesey Seeds for $1 a bag! I am just thrilled about this as they are usually about $8 or so. Can't wait for next spring!

So think of bulbs for next year, for Christmas this year, or something to brighten up your winter.

Enjoy your day!

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