Saving money on Produce

I know it's fall (feels like winter today), but it's time to think of next summer so you can save money on your produce. Time to manure your garden.

You don't garden yet? No matter how small your land is, or even if you have a patio, you can garden. If you have a plot of land that you can plant veggies on, find someone to till you up a patch, or rent a tiller from a shop and get'er done!

By manuring now, it gives it time to seep through the winter into the ground so that your garden will be wonderful next summer. My FIL has been going for years, and with the lovely red soil that's every where else on his land, it's not red anymore in his garden. It is black! He has the most amazing garden and I think should be featured in Vesey's.

So see how big a garden you want and find some manure at the garden stores, or a farmer that lives near you. Then this winter you can do the planning of what you want to plant and what type of garden style you want to follow. Or do you already know? Please feel free to share!

PS Another thing that I heard through the grapevine, is that seeds are going up in price by as much as 40% next spring! Stock up now!

Enjoy your day!

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