Secondhand Christmas Tip

Okay Ladies and Gentlemen, now that you have your list ready to go, let's go shopping!

Let's think of where to shop. Ok, I just totally felt like Dora heading out on and adventure. Let's try that again.

When thinking of where to shop, what is the cheapest store that comes to mind? Did you answer Walmart?

Think Value Village, Frenchy's, Salvation Army, and Thrift Stores. You would be surprised what you can find there! Also look online at Kijiji, craigslist,, other used sites (we have usedpei here) and don't forget ebay!

This way not only are you getting a deal, but you are reusing as well and that helps the environment. Some places even donate to charity on their sales so you are helping that way too.

Another thing to think about when thinking of these places is going through your old belongings, purging and listing things that you don't use anymore that are still in good condition and can be reused on the online sites. When you sell it, you can use that money for Christmas money! You make a little more on these items selling them online then you would selling them at a yardsale.

This is one of those tasks that I have to get done in the next week. I have a fair amount of things in the basement that need to leave my home. Here's hoping they sell (fingers crossed)!

Enjoy your day!

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