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Last night, I was at a certain store buying some games that were on for buy one get one half price and using my game coupon from Rice Krispies, and overheard a conversation near by. Really, I wasn't being nosy, but when they mentioned coupon, my interest was peaked. Anyway, one person was questioning the other as to whether these games counted for the coupon, because it seemed to good to be true. To which the other party to the conversation answered that yes indeed it did, because that's how they read it on a BLOG!!

I am being very presumptuous, but I sure would like to think that they meant THIS blog. It would be wonderful to know that I helped someone get a deal.

That said, I would like to offer a word to the wise about coupons. Make sure you read the fine print on the coupon. I had. Unfortunately, the cashier had not and I had to persuade her that it was indeed alright for me to use the coupon with this sale. She so did not want me to get the deal. In fact, she ended up calling over her supervisor and asking her. The supervisor seemed as though she was debating, so I helped her out by informing her that the fine print didn't say I couldn't.

Because I knew what was on the coupon, I got my deal. I felt really bad for the people behind me, and kept apologizing to them. They were extremely kind and actually wanted to know where to get the coupon. So at least, I guess, I helped them for a deal.

Also, another note about deals. One of the games that I bought at full price yesterday, is in the flyer today for 1/2 off. IF you don't open a product and go in rather early in the sale, most stores will let you return it and you can repurchase the product on sale.

My total last night would have been over $90, but with sales and coupons, I only ended up paying $31! Wonderful eh?

Enjoy your day!

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The Super Seven said...

I LOVE love love them......I had a raincheck for diapers last night and combined with my coupons only paid $10/ bag instead of the $17.99+ tax......I always read the fine print because I will debate it if I know it's right.