What are you doing New Year's - New Year's Eve?

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Since New Year's is tomorrow night, I thought I would ask you, dear readers, what are you frugally doing to celebrate the beginning of a new decade?

Here in this busy home, we aren't going out. Usually we end up going to my sister and brother in law's home with all the family (adults and children) and hanging out together for the evening. This year, my husband and I decided to forego invites to some friends' homes and anywhere else, and stay home with our 4 children. Our children usually end up going wherever we go for New Year's as babysitters are très expensive! Thankfully, our family and friends are of the same mindset so there is usually a children's party and a grown up party going on together.

We are going to play some boardgames, card games, maybe even a round of twister and eat munchies, dance and hopefully everyone will have fun. We usually turn the clocks ahead and the children get to have an earlier new year's than we do. They are in bed around 9 ish.

There are ways to have a frugal party for New Year's Party though, even with children. You could see if there is anyone that is willing to swap babysitting services for the night, or if there is a grandparent or someone else that isn't going out that would love to come in.

When having a party, get everyone to bring an appetizer, snack or drink with them to cut down on costs of the food and drink side.

Use an ipod or mp3 player with your system to have music instead of going out to a club or even having someone in to master mind the whole thing.

Use Christmas lights and ribbon/garland from your tree in a different fashion for decorations.

Play group board games, karaoke, wii and other games for entertainment. There are a whole assortment of party games out there that are rather entertaining.

Or just stay in with you and your special someone, and cook an extra nice special meal for the two of you to enjoy, dance the night away or curl up for a movie marathon.

Then there are always free fireworks in every community practically to be able to participate in. Check out your local paper. Some communities have free parties downtown to be apart of and some communities even have an early children's party so everyone can be part of the celebration.

There are plenty of ways to celebrate. Whatever way you celebrate, be safe and have a Happy New Year!

Enjoy your day!


Laura-Jane - Whimfield said...

Speaking of frugality, we were considering driving to Ch'Town for NYE, but instead decided to stay home, especially since the events that we were considering going to were $50 per ticket. I don't like it when frugality means that we don't support things that are happening in the community, but sometimes it's the case. Instead we bought $100 worth of fresh, exciting groceries and just stayed home watching a movie, eating good food in front of the fire.

Tanya Kinner said...

Hey Liz,

Over the holidays I actually had a little more time to research blogs and start looking at making some changes in 2010. Love a brand new year. Anyway, I was thinking a lot about your blog and I would love to see "A Month in the Life of....". I think there are so many frugal things that you do on a daily basis and that are just a part of your regular routine that so many of us could benefit from. So, I was thinking that it would be neat to see how you do it and what you do. Anyway, I would love to chat with you about it so drop me an e-mail with your phone # and I'll give you a call. Kinnerfamily@shaw.ca
Love ya,

Liz said...

Laura-Jane, it sounds like you had a great New Year's. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Would love to hear your recipes!