Is anyone still out there?

Hello all,

My apologies in my tardiness, I have been rather ill for the past little bit. However, today I am feeling 100%. I am curious though, if anyone still finds this blog beneficial? I see that people come on here, but I would just love to hear from you so that I know if this is helpful for you or not. I would love to hear what you want to know about. I love being frugal and love sharing tips gaining insight from you guys and researching new topics. I would love to bring topics of interest to everyone, but I don't know what you are looking for without comments. I can tell that people do venture on here from the feedjit and all so I hope to hear from you, just a note, doesn't have to be anything earthshattering, just a hello so I know. Thanks so much and thanks for dealing with this side of me as well.

That said, there will be another post following this one for some deals in just a bit.

Enjoy your day!


John Quimby said...


Just popped over to see what's new and leave you a note. I'll stop in again.


Sue Frelick said...

Must be the height of cold season. I've been under the weather too, Liz. But, I do check in to see what's new in frugalville!

For topics how about some frugal gardening ideas? It's soon time to start seeds indoors :-)

Gillian said...

You're on my google reader. I read everything (and sometimes shop accordingly) you post. Thanks for such a useful blog! I know it must take a chunk out of your day.