So what do you think?

Still working out the bugs on it, like the tabs at the top, but in general, what are your thoughts?

I am so grateful for the beautiful sun out there today, I have load number four going out on the line to dry. Take that electric bill! I love the natural heat that the sun is giving to my house as well. Saves my wood downstairs for next year. It's so wonderful to only have a light fire first thing in the morning and again in the evening. Gotta love the dollars being saved. 

Corned beef from Queen Street Meat Market in the slow cooker for St Patrick's day supper tonight, So much cheaper to buy it there instead of Superstore. It sure pays to shop around. 

Enjoy your St Patrick's Day! Hope you are wearing your green or orange!


Carol said...

Love the new look!

Sondra said...

Looks great Liz!