Back to School and Back to Bags

Have you ever spent good money on a poor backpack for school? We all have. I know of one person who has purchased three different backpacks for one child during one school year! Isn't it sad that one backpack can't stand up to the use that is required of it for 10 months?

If you are tired of pouring out your money only to trash your pack a few months later, this post is for you.

How much, on average, do you spend on a backpack? How much would you be willing to spend on one if it were to stand the test of time? If it came with a warranty that insured you would be satisfied or they would refund/exchange it for you no matter what? Seriously, put some numbers in your head.

Being frugal is about using your money in the best way possible. Getting the best product/entertainment/whatever for your $ and getting quality.

We have three children in elementary school this year. We DO NOT buy the backpacks with characters on it, with funky designs on it or any other "I have to have it" backpacks. We shop at MEC. 

Never heard of them? Check them out.

We purchased this pack for our oldest about 6 years ago. He has since outgrown it, but it then went through this sister for k-2 grades and now his youngest sister uses it for over nighting (she's only three and not in school yet). There is NOT ONE TEAR, FRAY, HOLE of any kind anywhere on it after 6 years! And let me tell you that this pack has been through everything a child can throw at it. We paid all of $12 for it and it was so worth it.

My older son and daughter both now use this pack. My son is on year 4 of having it and again, not one problem with it. Not bad for $26?

I don't think that they cost any more than the character packs one would purchase at Walmart, Zellers, Bentley, or wherever, but they sure are worth their weight. If you want to save money and have quality, I seriously recommend getting a pack with a warranty on it. And please keep your receipts. Although MEC has a record and no questions, not everywhere is like that.

Tell me, what bag does your child use for school? Have a good deal to share? Please comment or email.

Enjoy your day!

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The Super Seven said...

I'm laughing as I read the post....only because we have the exact same $12 packs and we have had them for years. The girls need bigger ones this year and the ones you show are the ones we checked out the other week and are planning on getting. Guess we both know good quality. I LOVE LOVE LOVE MEC and we shop there alot. Well worth every penny!!!