Breakfast - a must for the day to begin

Ever find your mornings hard and rushed and you think no time for food? How many skip breakfast? How many children miss out on this most important meal of the day?

Breakfast is very important and the more filling you make it, the longer it lasts through the day to engerize your body!

So I would like to offer you some frugal breakfast choices to begin your day with.

Idea number one and most popular here is oatmeal. Remember your mother told you that it would stick to your ribs? She was right.  It lasts longer in your body and keeps you feeling good. Don't like plain oatmeal? Who does? Add some brown sugar and maple syrup to it. Top it with yogurt, dry or fresh berries. Sprinkle cinnamon in it while cooking it for extra flavour. Have it in addition to a fruit smoothie to round out your food groups. Here are two places to get more ideas for oatmeal, one and two. Personally I like my oatmeal cooked on the stove instead of in the microwave. I'm old fashioned :)

Idea number two then would be the smoothie. Although not as filling for children generally speaking, it is a great way to get their fruits and veggies in to them for the day. All children love smoothies and there are many healthy foods that you can hide in there to get them to eat/ drink them.  Looking for some recipes? You get your fill here and here and here! The great thing is that you can even make these ahead and freeze them in popsicle stands and have a great afternoon snack for the children.

Another great and filling breakfast idea would be the breakfast sandwich. It's something that can be eaten on the way out the door as well. There are lots of fantastic options out there that will fill anyone's belly. Check here and  here for some ideas to get you started.

Two more options for you besides the usual cereal or toast. Try out some breakfast muffins! Again, a great thing to eat on the way out the door, on the bus or in the car. Three links for you here as well. One, two and three.

There are also omelettes, boiled eggs and scrambled eggs on/with toast or in a wrap.

One of the favourites in our home are waffles. These you can make ahead and freeze them on the weekend. Then, when you need them, just pop them in the toaster and a nice warm breakfast morning of! Check out one and two links for some ideas.

We also make our "syrup" for our pancakes as well. We like to buy real syrup, but it's not always feasible to pay out for this, or there are times that you run out of syrup. If you buy imitation syrup like Aunt Jemima, or any other brand, try out our recipe for some nice warm syrup made in a few little moments.

Maple Syrup Recipe:

2 cups sugar
1 cup water
2-3 tsp of maple extract
2 tbsp honey or corn syrup.

Put all of it in a pot mix together and heat until it's boiling. Voila! Homemade "syrup"!

My one piece of advice; put a list together and see what your children will eat and what they won't. No point to make something that they won't eat, right?

Have anything that you would like to add to our breakfast list? Please email us at smile_zil at yahoo dot ca or leave a comment here.

Enjoy your day!

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