Frugal Christmas Gift

Are you done all you need to get done for Christmas next week?

Well if you are in the midst of trying to get everything bought and are still looking for a frugal, thoughtful gift, I have an idea for you.

What about a photobook?

These are great for gifts to grandparents, siblings, and children alike. The cheapest I have found is around $10 and they go up from there. With Kodak, the cut off date was December 12, but do not fear! Walmart has a one hour photobook!


Simply go online and load up your pictures and they email you when they're done. As an aside, my two books that I ordered ended up taking 3 hours, but I felt this was still great as everywhere else wouldn't even have been done by Christmas.

How can anyone not like getting a book of photos of the past year or of their life or a wonderful event? Touching, frugal and will be much appreciated.

Enjoy your day!


April said...

Hi Liz!,

I love the photobook idea. One year, my neice made up a calendar for her sister. She used my computer and went to a website. She got to choose the design and placed personal pictures in it. Included important dates on it (like HER We printed it out from my printer onto cardstock, I used my binding machine and voila an awesome calendar.

I have also made up recipe books for family members, with my fav recipes. I just print them out and use my binding machine. You could print them out and cut them out and place them in a photobook as well.

This year, I am giving my 2 neices a coupon, for a day of once a month cooking with me. And each will get lemon tarts (their fav). I love giving things are different.

Carla said... is the best site for reasonably priced photo products, including photo books. I ordered 5 for Christmas and it only cost me $12! Shipping included! If you sign up through facebook and for their newsletter, you will often find great promotions, including FREE products with FREE shipping! When you sign up, you get hundreds of free items you only have to pay shipping for (and shipping is very reasonable; they also come in a reasonable time frame).

Over the course of a year, you could easily get tons of Christmas shopping done for very little cost. I love personalizing things for people because it shows you care :)

I like the recipe book idea. I have a book binding machine I hardly use. The photobook idea would also work with a recipe book as you could include pictures.

Oh the ideas!!