Spring is right around the corner. Really, it is. I know it may be hard to believe, but it will be here and so will the spring cleaning that comes with it.

Lately, I think I must be starting to feel the bite of a spring cleaning bug. I am in the mood to purge! When the mood hits you have to take it and so it has begun in my home. I have started purging drawers, closets, cupboards and bedrooms.

Do you ever get overwhelmed with the thought of purging? There is a method to it to keep your sanity. At least it's the method that I like to use. Something else may work for you.

When I do a deep clean of a room, (even braving the children's rooms), I throw all of the trash out first: papers, broken toys, garbage. I also go through the items in each room, if it's something that's not being used, I put it in a box, bag or other container for one month. If the person to whom it belongs, notices it and needs it during that time, it comes out of hiding and they get it back. If it turns out to be a non used item, it either gets donated or sold on kijiji or some other used site.

There's no point to have it if it isn't sentimental or needed. It frees up your space in your home and in your mind. I have used this phrase that is often said for food storage, but I think it could apply to items in your home as well, "Store what you need, use what you store, rotate, rotate, rotate."

There is a movement about that got me thinking that I should share this thought process with you. It's called the 100 item movement. I don't think that I could ever be that extreme, but I thought you may be interested in it. With spring just around the corner (hopefully that ground hog will see his shadow tomorrow), maybe it's time to think about paring down in your home and seeing what you can sell to help you be a little more frugal.

As you go to purchase items, stop for a moment and see if you really need the item that you are about to purchase or if it's just going to take up space.


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Enjoy your day!

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Jane said...

I love to purge but haven't done much on that end lately. But hopefully spring isn't long off (snowstorm tomorrow so groundhog WON"T be seeing his shadow if he's brave enough to come out at all)and i always get in the mood to toss when the milder weather comes.