Family Movie Day

In our home with four young children, it's very expensive to go to the movie theatre -even on cheap night it still comes to $30 without snacks! It's cheaper for us to buy the movie and watch it at home. Plus with having little ones, we would end up having to rent it at some point again watch the movie so they could see what they missed. At the movie theatre, you can't pause the movie for bathroom breaks, or refill breaks or any other reason, but at home we can. 

So as a compromise with our children, we rent or buy (if we think it's going to be a movie we watch several times) a new release that they want to see. This time we watched:

All of the family enjoyed watching it, but agreed that it was a one time movie. Glad we rented it. 

To make the day more enjoyable, we each get to pick out a treat that we want to eat during the movie and get enough to share with the family. That's six different treats! Some chose chips, some chose popcorn, others various forms of candy. 

For picking out candy where else is a better spot to go then to the bulk barn! There they have everything there that one can imagine! 

Try it. Eating a bunch of junk with your family and watching a family movie is time and money well spent! In total, movie rental and treats, it came to well under the $30 it would have cost for our family to have watched the same movie in the theatres on a cheap night. We were able to do it on our schedule and have all sorts of treats instead of the over priced ones at the theatre. 

What frugal things do you do with your family that we can try?

Enjoy your day! 


Jane said...

I WON'T pay for movie snacks - too outrageous! We smuggle our own in and either go to the half-price matinee shows or $4.00 Tuesday shows.

Let the party begin... said...

We sometimes go to Costco for supper just before a movie because for $2.oo you can feed your kids a giant hotdog and pop. For a snack for the movies we buy the large refillable pop and popcorn and get courtesy bags and lidded cups and fill them up and then refill the popcorn and pop. It always fill us up and we're a family of six.

Anonymous said...

We loved Megamind! lol! We bought it for my 7 yr old cause she loved it so much... :) Great idea on the snacks!

YourMoney said...

Movie prices are outrageous these days. I love this clever idea. Stay in, yet keep the feel of a special event by buying cheap bulk snacks that your family will love. Great money saving tip!