Review: SOS Pads vs Steel Wool (Curly q's)

How many of us get annoyed with stubborn stains on our pots and pans and purchase these cleaning pads to get everything nice and shiny again? They do work quite nicely. Everything gets nice and clean and those stains are gone until the next time you cook that meal. The SOS pad shrivels up and by the end of it you through it in the garbage. These don't last very long, can cost a bit and aren't recyclable.

In walks the Curly Q, as we call it here. A pack of three can be purchased at the dollar store for, you guessed it, one dollar. But do they work? Will they clean your pots and pans as good as the SOS pads with their chemicals and quick cleaning claim? 

The Curly Q works just as good, or even better then the SOS pads! They don't leave that film on your dishes that sometimes comes with the SOS pads. They don't leave a weird feeling on your hands when your done with them. They last more than a few times (like months if cleaned properly!) and are WAY cheaper! Also, they can be recycled after wards!

If you buy the bigger ones, just cut them into more manageable sizes and your money goes even further!

My money is on the Curly Q's . It's a small change. It won't make you a millionaire, but it will help a little bit and little bits can go a long way!

Tell me what are your thoughts on it?

Enjoy your day! 


Anonymous said...

We recently decided to start really penny pinching, and so I really appreciate the review. We've been testing a few no-name products against the brands we normally love. I must admit, the ketchup wasn't that bad, and I like the costco brand of laundry soap (Kirkland) even better then Tide.

Also, thanks for the Shoppers sale heads up. Looks like we'll be eating butter again soon!!

Liz said...

Glad to help Anonymous! I hope you come back more often and please, poke around our categories list to find other tips.

You mentioned laundry. Check out these posts from our archives:

Anonymous said...

SOS pads used to be great. They now suck. They disintigrate after one use and leave a rusty residue on your stainless steel pots.