Not All Dish Soaps Are Created Equal

I have tried many dish soaps over the years. For the past five years, my kitchen dishes have really become part of an experiment of which dish soap works best for me, as we haven't had a dishwasher in the home we purchased.

Over the years, I have come to find that Palmolive Oxy is the best dish soap out there. Only a small amount is needed, much less than the other brands I had been trying, and it works for my entire load. In a family of 6 plus if there's company or after school friends, dishes can pile up.

My mother and mother in law were over one night doing the dishes. My MIL was on washing, and put in the amount of soap she is use to using for her dishes. The sink had more suds than water! She was amazed with how well this dish soap bubbled up.

I do dishes twice a day, unless it's a day of lots of baking or canning, then I do more of course. This dish soap has not let me down. Great bubble action. Great grease cutting action, Great smell.

I even had an old pizza pan that was given from a closed pizzeria that had baked on grease on it. Once submerged in my sudsy soap water and left to soak for about 15 minutes, the old hard grease came right off!

One bottle lasts in this home about 2 months. I have found that Walmart has it for the lowest price, $1.77 a bottle where Superstore sells the exact same product for $2.89.

What dish soap works best for you?

Enjoy your day!


The Lost Goat said...

5 years without a dishwasher is a lot of frugal! I confess that I just buy whatever the coupon this week is for, or whatever is on sale, because I probably only buy dish soap 6x a year. I'll have to check out the Oxy kind though.

Jane said...

I use Palmolive too - I think it's the best quality though I don't think I've tried the Oxy. I just bought 2 at no frills as they were on sale for 1.99. I'll have to check out my closest Walmart and see what their price is.

Suzy said...

sigh..ok I don't think 'bout dish soap too much and I tend to buy whatever is cheap and smells good - and don't mind too much using a lot 'cause I like the smell - the only 'joy' out of dishwashing. I split between dishwasher and sink washing - plates and stuff go in the dishwasher after rinsing(mine is crummy) but pans and bigger bowls I do in the sink.
I've used Palmolive before and it was ok(not the oxy though) and Dawn I think though lately it's been Ajax or wally world brand I think. I don't buy it that often since it's just me and only 1/4 of the 'dishes' get washed by hand. I bet a bottle of that oxy stuff you use would last me a couple of years!

Out My window said...

I too use this brand. I tried the brand at the dollar store but after having to use 1/2 a bottle to get any suds I soon realized that this brand was better. Sometimes it just doesn't pay to be cheap! I mean frugal.