Harvesting my Tomatoes

This year I had my own tomato transplants. I had forty plants that went in my garden. I was so excited to have a bounty for them. I planted hot house, roma and beefstake tomatoes. Out of all of my lovely plants I had ONE tomato that was beautiful. ONE. How sad. You see, blight hit my garden and I lost my crop. So much for me canning my tomatoes, making my own salsa and spaghetti sauce. I was depressed. My pantry shelves were going to be empty.

Thankfully, for the past several weeks, canned tomatoes have been on sale like mad. $0.99 for a 28oz can of tomatoes. That's up to half price depending on when and where you buy them.

This week they are on sale at No Frills and I added 40 more to my pantry.

That may seem like a lot to you, but we use at least one can a week and I would rather stock up now at a good price than have to pay double come this winter.

How did your garden turn out? Do you can your own tomatoes? Do you have any solutions for blight for me for next year?

Enjoy your day!

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