Tis the season...

Today on my way to an appointment, I saw a Christmas hat that said, "Tis the Season to be Broke!" I felt so sorry for the truth that seems to be behind this saying and that doesn't need to be there. We are truly a consumer society. Want more, need more, buy more. Especially at Christmas. By bigger, better and newer! I saw Christmas items in the store before Hallowe'en was even over. The Sears Christmas Wishbook was out in the summer! What has happened with the season?!

This Christmas season I challenge you to become a little more frugal and simplistic with your gift giving. It's not the amount of money or the amount of presents you buy or get, it's the thought that goes into them.

This year, why not think of donating a gift to charity in the name of someone you are buying for. By doing this, it helps out someone who truly needs it and saves the person on your list from having to find room for another thing in their home. One great way of giving to someone truly in need is by making a shoebox full of fun and sending it with Operation Christmas Child, what a great way to help out someone else and to give the gift in the name of someone on your list.

To look for other ways to make your Christmas more frugal, check out our archives of Christmas frugal posts here.

What do you do to make your Christmas season a little less stress free and a little more frugal?

Enjoy your day!

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Jane said...

We don't buy a lot of gifts and we only buy what a person wants and needs, not a lot of junky stuff. I have set my amounts for each person as well as groceries etc and am trying to come in under budget on each and every item. Doing pretty well so far!