Dumpster Diving

When I was in high school it was the cool thing for some kids in another high school to go dumpster diving behind the local donut shop. I only found out after eating one of the said donuts at their home. They told me that they were fresh and had literally just been tossed out in a bag.


I was done eating.

Never again.


That said, I know that lots of people, myself included, do look through people's spring and fall cleanup trash weeks. You know, the week where you toss everything unwanted from your home by the side of the road for pickup? A friend of mine found a perfect twin day bedframe for her daughter.

I have no issue with things like that, where they can be washed and disinfected. I draw the line at food, mattresses etc.

I was reading in the news about a man in Texas that dumpster dives and thought you may be interested in it: http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/12/02/us-robinhood-odd-idUSTRE7B117420111202 You may have to copy and paste it as I am not sure if this link works to click on it through the mobile app.

So do you dumpster dive? Do you look for treasures during spring and fall cleanups, or are you totally against it all? What treasures have you found?

Enjoy your day!

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Jane said...

No dumpster diving for me; however when I was living in student housing we would put out by the garbage hut anything we didn't need or weren't using and the stuff would disappear in minutes. I got a couple of wooden kitchen chairs, books etc. It was more of an exchange depot not a garbage depot.