Too Much Stuff

Now that Christmas has ended, are you feeling overwhelmed with "stuff"? Looking for a place to put it? Maybe that's why in January there are a tonne of sales on organizational items. With the new year coming, let's purge and simplify together. To get you more motivated, take a look at the show Hoarders, and read this article about Americans Have Too Much Stuff!

How are you going to simplify in 2012?



Jane said...

I started decluttering in November and reduced our load of "stuff" through many donations to a local 2nd hand shop. HOWEVER we bought a new chair and plan to rearrange a room so will be reducing the amount of stuff in that room for a 2nd time. Still have one more floor of the house to go - feels GREAT!!

Suzy said...

well since it's the month for sales on organizational stuff and knowing how I accumulate I have a feeling I better stay out of stores or I'll accumulating organizing stuff that ends up staying in the car or gets tossed somewhere unused like the other stuff :-( seriously though I need to come up with something - and on top of it all losing both parents this year means I need to make some hard decsions regarding their stuff (along with my brother) my mom and dad accumulated stuff and a lot they intended us to take but neither of us has the space...

for now the gameplan is thinking of a plan of action and to start in the kitchen and back part of the downstairs living area and just start tossing what I don't want so I can clear space for the stuff I do want.