Christmas has Come and Gone, and Now...

We need a reality check. How many of you paid cash for your Christmas? How many of you paid it on credit? How many of you know how much you spent? How many of you stayed on a budget?

Lots of questions.

As this is a beginning of a new year, I have a challenge for you. Will you except it?

I sure hope so.

Right now, or as soon as you are near the place that your receipts are kept, I want you to go and gather all of your Christmas expenses. Now tally them up.

Is it as much, less, or more than you expected?

Now I would like you to take that amount and divide it by the amount of pays you have in a calendar year.

The goal is to take that amount from each pay this year and set it in A SEPARATE ACCOUNT for the year. By Christmas, you will have almost your entire money ready, with maybe one more paycheque to arrive.

Don't you feel relief already?

Do you have a different way of saving for Christmas? Please share it with us.



Robyn said...

That's a really great idea! We have a bit of difficulty doing savings like that as we never know my pay per year. Ever since Justin got a fulltime job though we've been trying to save from his pays and then just hope and pray like crazy that some magic money comes up closer to Christmas :) This year it came in the form of his mileage check coming in a few weeks earlier than expected :) We also don't buy for each other till we know everyone else is taken care of.

Let the party begin... said...

This past Christmas was different than any other Christmas past. We traveled and traveled through the holidays do I can't really comment on the spending, lol! Bi will try your idea for this year though!