Frugal Thing of the Day

It's January 25, and believe it or not, I have laundry hanging on the line! It feels like the end of March out there today; the ground is muddy, the air is warm and the sun is shining. I can't believe it's January! Last year this time we had so much snow you couldn't see road signs. This year, right now, it's green outside and there are reports of tulips popping up. And I live in Atlantic Canada.

Usually in January I hang clothes on the drying rack near the wood stove and the rest are in the dryer. Today they're on the drying rack and the line.

That's my big frugal thing for the day.

What are you doing to be a little more frugal today?


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Jane said...

I skipped stopping for coffee this morning and made tea at work instead. And I've been very good at taking my lunch every day!