Heating costs

Today we got our power bill. I was a little frustrated because it was $12 more than I had budgeted.

Now as I sit and watch the local news (I never watch it, but am waiting for an interview done with my friend that runs extreme couponing PEI), they were talking about heating oil going up in price. The average monthly expense for oil is $500 a month! My jaw dropped!

I'm complaining about my bill being up $12. My monthly heating expenses are around $70. I don't know how we would ever have $500 a month. I'm so grateful for my woodstove and our electric convect air heaters for back up or on extra cold days.

How much do you spend on heat each month? How do you save money on heating?



Colin C said...

When I rented a house with oil heat, it averaged $200 month over the year, including heating of the hot water. That is setting the thermostats to 20.5 during the day, and 17 at night.

Jane said...

Last month my heating cost was $59.00 for natural gas (Ontario) which also includes my gas hot water tank and my gas dryer. Cheap huh?? I'll miss that when I move to PEI permanently. We are planning to have a woodstove too but will have to buy most of our wood. We put in electric heaters last summer when we were out for backup but I know electricity is outrageously expensive!

April said...

I pay $420 a month in the winter for electric heat. It goes down to about $200-$250 in the summer. (that would include all electric stuff, not just heat)