Final Week of Grocery Challenge

With this being the last week of March, I thought it would be great for us to check in with our Grocery Contestants to see how they are fairing with their goals.

Contestant #1 (family of three)

Hey Liz,
We're doing...ok.  Not as good I'd like to b doing, but still around the goal.  So far this month we've spent $199.54...our monthly goal was $200 so I'm obviously not going to be under my goal.
I have been using some coupons (having a hard time finding food ones lately) and buying by the flyers.  We were away for a few days during march break and didn't do the best and we still haven't this month put together a meal plan, so even though costs haven't been too bad our meals have been somewhat sad and unhealthy.

Contestant #2 (family of four)

Hi Liz, 

After my first email I sat down and worked out what I hoped would be a more realistic grocery list and menu than what I'd been working from in the past. Because of the elaborate menus I'd been developing I'd been wasting food and going way over budget. 

However, in March we've developed a budget of quick and easy meals that work for our schedule and our budget. 

As I mentioned our grocery bill for February was $774 (it nearly knocked my socks off the first time I looked).  Currently at this point of the month, with only a few things left to pick up before the end of the month for groceries, we're at $596. That is a considerable drop! I'm pretty excited about it. Also, we've wasted no food and that is also a huge accomplishment!

One thing I find really works for me is taking out the cash that I budgeted for groceries and only spending that. It makes a huge difference! Forces me to see exactly how much I have left so spend on groceries for that period. 

I'm glad to see you're both doing better than you expected. Here's hoping you both are able to make it to the end of the month and do well.

We will check back in with them next week to see how they ended up doing for the month and to award the prize. 

Stay tuned.

Want to be part of the challenge for next month? Drop me a line at with information about how many are in your family, how much you spent last month on all food (that includes takeout for lunches and quick pickups for suppers), how much you hope to spend for April, and what you are going to do to cut it down. I would like to have two contestants at least. 


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