Gardening, Science and Bees

Yes, they all do go together. And yes, they are all frugal. 

I love to browse the Vesey Seed catalogue. This winter my eyes fell upon this beauty:

I want it so badly that I was tempted to just order it without putting any thinking into it. Totally not a frugal way to be. Not a normal thing for me to be like. I am far from a spontaneous shopper.

I am one that needs to rationalize wants versus needs, and really need to find a strong argument to buy anything that is a want (just ask my husband).

I didn't have too hard of a time finding reasons to make this purchase.

I love to garden. I am just waiting to get my fingers in the dirt here on PEI. Because I love to garden, I know that this will help my garden be even more prosperous this year. The mason bees find around 1000 blossoms a day to help with the pollination. 

Also, I have been reading in the news a lot regarding dying bee colonies. For any of us who have watched The Bee Movie, by Dreamworks, we were able to see what would happen if bees weren't doing their job. All of our food would disappear. My having this little bee home, would help keep bees in our area, thus helping the local agriculture industry as well as my own garden.

One last reason, is that my children love to be outside - in any weather. This will help with their science studies as they see how fragile and interconnected the world is. I don't homeschool, however, I do light summer schooling with our children so their brains don't turn to complete mush. Here's hoping this will help derive more curiosity in science. 

Do you rationalize things? How do you get your wants while living frugally?


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