Christmas Card Frugal Tip

So what do you do with your Christmas cards from last year? How do you know whom to give them to this year? Where do you get them?

This year, only mail the ones that NEED to be mailed. Drop off the ones to the people that you will see in person. Keep a list this year of those that sent you a card and only send those ones out next year. You would be surprised how much your card list can be cut down over the years. Analyze your list and see why you are giving cards to certain people. See if it's someone you really want to stay in contact with, or need to be in contact with. If not, drop them.

First, I would like to say that the most frugal way to send a Christmas card would be through email. See who would like to have it this way instead. You may be surprised.

If your going to send Christmas cards buy them after Christmas this year for next year. They get WAY discounted and who really cares if you have a card from last year? I mean, the message is the same for Christmas every year. It's still Jesus' birthday that we are celebrating.

If you can't get your cards on clearance, from the year before, watch for sales. They do happen earlier on in the season. Also, the dollar store has some really nice ones for cheap, especially if you only need a few. Remember to divide into the units to see if you are actually getting a good price or not. Sometimes it's better to buy from the bigger stores in bulk, on sale.

There's also making your own cards. Again, figure out the price per unit, because not everyone keeps all their Christmas cards every year and do you want your hard work to be just thrown out.

The ones that you keep from the year before, you can use as well for this year. Just cut off the front with the picture that doesn't have any writing on the back and you have a Christmas Post Card. They still get the beauty and the message and you save money.

Another couple of projects to do with old Christmas cards are making ornaments from them, gift tags for presents this year and my favourite, finding a beautiful image on a card and framing it with a frame from the dollar store and giving it as a present to someone this year.

After Christmas this year, don't throw your cards out, keep them for next year and ask others for theirs.

What do you do with your old cards?

Enjoy your day!


Gillian said...

I ask banks for their old cards and then I rip off the backs. They are usually much nicer and bigger then ones in the store and then I send people Christmas postcards.

Want to add a picture? Easy! Just print them on blank address stickers and stick them on your postcard. **ding!** Done and done!

Visible Voice said...


Liz said...

Great idea Gillian! I will have to remember that one.