Crafty Christmas Frugal Tip

We have entered the season of CRAFT SALES! They are held at lots of schools, community centres, rinks, churches, etc. Check your paper or online for them. But craft shows are a great place to go and find something unique, local and inspiring.

Craft shows, I find, are kind of like yard sales in that you can dicker on the price. They don't answer to big box stores where they have to toe to the company line, they don't have to worry about consulting too many people as they are usually their own boss. That means the sticker on the price is a suggestion and the more you buy from one vendor, the better the deal you can get.

If you are a crafty person, go to the craft shows for ideas and make sure you bring your camera. When you see something you like and you know is within your talent level, snap a picture and then you can make it at home for a present to someone else.

So happy crafting and,

Enjoy your day!

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