Christmas Frugal Gifts

This is one of the areas that I wanted post about and I am glad that I waited. A reader submitted a wonderful idea for a great and frugal homemade gift. Staples does their personalized calendars and apparently, according to our reader, the deluxe style A and B are on for 50% off. I am not sure what the regular price is, but I went on to their site and their personalized calendars start at $9.99.

What a great gift for grandparents, or family from away, or a friend that you had a special trip with that you want to remember about, or what ever reason! It's a great thought. Check it out.

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to be posting more frugal gift ideas, both homemade and store bought, and some more ideas from the readers, keep it coming! Remember you can post on here or email me at smile_zil at yahoo dot ca

Enjoy your day!

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Sue said...

I love the look of this blog!!!!! Can I link to it from my blogs, please? I am on the look out for Nova Scotia content. Now, back to reading your post :-)