Wanted for a Frugal Christmas: Tupperware, Everyday Style, Epicure, Scentsy, and all those lovely things?

Everyone has a wish list. Everyone LOVES something that is small, yet totally not in the budget and when one is living frugally, there can be a lot of things on that want list. There could be people that you are exchanging with that want things on those lists and let's face it, they don't always come cheap. But you can have it, and afford it too!

If it's from tupperware, epicure, scentsy, everyday style or any of these party throwing shopping nights there is a way to have your product and afford it too. Recently, I attended a friend's party for one of these businesses and there was a surprise box that was able to be purchased for $15, but worth $50. I bought one. I was pleasantly surprised with what was in it: some Hallowe'en decorations, and a lovely figurine that I was actually looking at and couldn't justify, for someone for Christmas. I love going to these parties because there are usually door draws and there is always something on special.

Even better than buying the deals, is getting the product for free! Host one of these parties and you get a portion of the sales in free product and often other special deals only available to the hostess. When booking a party, ask the consultant if there has recently been a party that you can book off of. The reason? When you book off of a party you get a gift or credit to be able to purchase some of their products at your party.

Recently, I held one such party. I booked off of someone else's and received $15 towards product. I had some friends in, the hostess provided most of the food, and after the sales were all done, I had a total of $50 in free product! Plus, two people booked off my party so I received something for each one of those! I was able to get everything that I wanted on my wish list and only had to pay $1.36. Plus, I was able to purchase another item that I was looking at for a gift for 1/2 price.

So that is my tip to you, it's not too late for Christmas parties yet. If you don't want to have people in to your home for a party, think about having one at work, or just bringing the catalogue in to work for everyone to place an order. You can still get the benefits from it. Try it out and see if you like it.

Enjoy your day!

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