Eggs anyone?

I get excited when eggs go on sale. I know, crazy. I wish that I had my own chickens, but as of yet, no go.

Well, the other day when I was at a local grocery store (not the big chain stores you know), I was buying potatoes, carrots and onions as they are cheap there. Unfortunately, I had not viewed Superstore's flyer this week to see that their local veggies are on DIRT cheap! (10lbs carrots or onions for $1.99!)

While picking up my veggies I happened to see this huge flat of 30 eggs. I enquired about the price and found out they were $4.95. That's $1.98 a dozen! Better than regular price at the store! So, once again, I say to check out the local groceries! You never know what surprises you will find.

Off to make some yummy curry for supper, and ps: you're not too late for the contest. It may be held out a couple of extra days depending on when the interview on CBC happens.

Enjoy your day!

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