Are there frugal ways to send your Christmas parcels?

This year as we drew names for Christmas, I lucked out getting the sibling furtherest away. I didn't want to just give a gift certificate because that's just not as fun to open on Christmas morning. So I asked them what I could get them. Boy did I get a list!

I bought several things on their wish list ON SALE, so I just justified the shipping costs. In fact, I looked at ordering their items online as that can often be cheaper for shipping, or even free from some places, but with my sales that I got it was still going to be cheaper for me to ship it.

As I called around (seriously do this, you will be surprised by the difference), I found the cheapest ended up being $23 for a 10 lb box and the most was going to be a whopping $68.57!!! There were a total of 5 businesses that would ship from where I live to where they live, that is a phenomenal difference in price. Especially considering they would all end up at the same place and in the same amount of time as I asked for the ground option. It was all going to take 5 business days to get to the destination as well.

It sure pays to call around.

So tell me, how do you get gifts for those that live far away?

Enjoy your day!


Joe Martell said...

Sometimes items are best just shipped via Canada Post, regular parcel...depending on what you want to ship that is. If it's heavy, bulky or breakable, sometimes I'll look for a retailer in the city I want to ship to. I've found several reliable retailers that will sell the item to me over the phone (credit card req'd), wrap it and deliver to the person! No shipping costs at all!

WeeMama said...

I tend to buy the gifts online - etc and then add a second shipping address - they will gift wrap as well for a charge. This saves on shipping and I can spend more on the gift!

Anonymous said...

If you are shipping within the Maritimes consider the Acadian Bus line system. They have a very efficient service which can often be cheaper than Canada Post.