8 sleeps left

That certainly doesn't sound like much time in my mind with all that I am still behind on, but it does leave time for a couple of more posts before Christmas. Today, let's think about those that have control, uh, time in our children's lives when we, the parents, aren't around. That's right, I am thinking of teachers, bus drivers, daycare providers and support staff etc.

Many schools are now saying not to bring in a gift to the teacher because of tight times and they don't want other children to feel bad, but some schools still allow it and some people just still give a gift anyway. So what do you give? You know you want to give something that is going to be practical and economical - and preferably not a mug, a teacher can only drink so much right?

Some ideas have been mentioned before like baked goods or homemade ornaments, but there are other ideas out there.

Why not make a donation to a charity in their name?

Donate a book to the library in their name. Record a book on tape for the classroom.

Have your child make up coupons for the teacher to be able to use. Examples for teachers would be:

Promise not to talk to my friends during the class for one day.

Will clean chalkboard/wipeboard for you.

Will pick up litter in classroom.

Will straighten all the chairs in the classroom.

Will clean up books and toys.

Will water classroom plants.

Will run errands for you today.

The list can go on and on the more you think about it.

Other ideas may be donating a game to the class for rainy day recesses. Paper for the printer. New markers or paints. Flash cards. Other supplies that may be running low or would be extra special.

Food for the class pet or even a class pet. Fish are not expensive if they already have a tank. Or you could even donate a tank that you have at your home that you aren't using any more.

Again, plants are always a wonderful idea. They brighten the classroom and help with the air quality.

Offer to help with an after school project or to come in to volunteer at the school. Every school needs volunteers.

The list can go on and on. What are you doing for your educational staff this year? Please share with us.

Enjoy your day!

PS. With Christmas coming to an end soon, I am looking to start a couple of new series in the new year for being frugal. What are some areas that you would like to learn more about being frugal in? Please email myself or list a comment. Would love to hear from you.

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