Homemade Frugal Christmas Gifts

Alright ladies and gentlemen,

Here is the list you have all been waiting for: the easy homemade Christmas list. I have compiled, from my own library, reader submissions and research online, a list of homemade items that are easy, economical and frugal for your perusal. They take no time at all, are great for neighbours, teachers, nieces and nephews, your own children, or anyone else you can think of. Be prepared, this is a LONG post with LOTS of pictures.

To start the list, take a look around your home and all the plants in it. Are there some that are over crowding their pots? Some that you don't want around anymore? Some that you just don't have the time to care for anymore? Why not regift them to someone else? Split the plants and pot them in lovely new containers and wrap them up with a beautiful bow and instructions on how to care for them. They would be much appreciated.

You took the perfect picture this summer, fall, spring, winter, candid moment and you don't just want it on your desktop. Why not get it printed off (costs pennies) and get a second hand frame to repurpose and send it off to someone as a gift. Wonderful thought. Much easier than making a picture frame. Trust me. I checked it out.

Another painting gift that is so appreciated is a child's painting. You can get canvas, paints, pastels and other media at Dollarama. They also have some paint by numbers there as well that would be great to try out. Either frame it or leave it on a shelf for a wonderful gift.

Then there are always the wonderful food presents. Homemade bread, jam, salsas are wonderful things from your pantry. Put a pretty ribbon or place it in a basket with some homemade linen napkins or place mats and your all set.
Then you can always do soup, brownies, and cookies in a jar.
(Photo from http://www.nhmade.com/listdetail.cfm?recordID=214)

Ever try to make homemade chocolates? My husband loves to make these for presents. I have never tried them, but here is a place to check out how to do it.

Jelly beans in a jar with a prescription for when to eat them is a great idea for children. Red for happiness. Green for health. Yellow for sadness, etc.

Homemade playdoh (saltdough) and some cookie cutters are a great gift.

Then you can make a smelly gift of potpourri. This site has recipes for a bunch of different types of potpourri.

Another smelly recipe is for homemade bathbombs, bath salts, bubble bath and bath oils.

In the mood and have the time to sew? Why not make something for everyone?

How about some polar fleece mitts, hat and scarf? Or knit them? Check out this site for wonderful ideas, lots of wonderful recycled handmade items and directions.
Want to make a pair of pj's? Here is an easy, free pattern to make these lovely pants.
How about a tooth pillow for the little ones? The tooth fairy would never lose a tooth from these.
Or special pillow cases for a child? Learn how to make one here.

Every child loves to throw things. Give them something softer to throw, like bean bags.
And then, to end them all, why not wrap them in a reusable gift bag that you made that they can use for their groceries, or whatever else? Tipnut has links for 35 patterns. Check them out.


What are you doing for homemade frugal gifts this year? Let us know!

Enjoy your day!


Wendy said...

I heard about the blog this morning on CBC Island Morning. It is a great site -- thanks so much for the great information, the commitment to quality, and values that are meaningful.

Liz said...

Well thanks Wendy. I hope you keep coming back. Also, please let me know if there is anything you are looking for on this site. I am always up for suggestions for ideas to research. Keep coming back!

Anonymous said...

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