Christmas Visiting and Neighbour treats

My apologies for my tardiness today. I was laying subfloor with my father in law in our home for most of the day. (Got a good deal after calling all five building supply stores around here) I also want to thank you all for the comments that you have been leaving here. It's wonderful advice that you all are sharing and I will start posting more about the comments in the next little bit. It's been crazy here.

Anyway, as I was working with my FIL today, I got to thinking deeply about our society and the condition of it today. I know this isn't the place to post all of the thoughts I had on this, maybe a future post on my personal blog, but I was thinking how people just don't talk to each other anymore. I mean in their neighbourhoods and all. Really, does anyone really visit anymore? That's an art all on it's own that is dying. I can remember as a child going to the neighbours, aunts and uncles, old family friends and some of my parents coworkers homes or whatever over the holidays. The song by Bing Crosby comes to mind of Christmas in Killarney.

There, after visiting for a little bit, the plate would arrive. You know the one. It has about a dozen different delectable sweets for you to choose from. Well, as I mentioned in an earlier post about cookie exchanges being a frugal and fun way to get the baking done, what about neighbour gifts? Do you give your neighbour a gift? Do you even know your neighbour?

If not, what a great time of the year to go and meet them! A simple gift to give for a neighbour, teacher, church member, piano teacher (or other activities) or a family member would be a tin of sweets. This is a very nice gift, frugal and thoughtful altogether!

Besides sweets, there are also homemade preserves; strawberry jam, salsa, jellies, peppers, etc,; a loaf of bread (preferably homemade ;)), a homemade ornament and there are thousands of other ideas. Just something simple to say you are thinking of them.

Enjoy your day!

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