Wrapping it up.

We are coming down to the wire. How are you doing with your preparations? Wrapping any presents yet? How do you go about wrapping them?

Here, I save every gift bag that was ever given. You never know when you will need one. I save all the reusable tissue paper as well. We use some gift wrap that we usually buy in bulk after the season, and we use parcel paper. Works wonderfully. Fun to decorate. And it's cheap if you get it at a dollar type store.

There are also flyers, newspapers, and tea towels to wrap in. Your present can be the gift, or at least part of it. Blankets, bags, and old boxes from other products are useful.

My grandmother always did the last one. She would save all her cereal, cookie, and other product boxes and then wrap everyone's gift in those first. It was always a surprise when you opened it. I was sure one time it would actually be what was on the box!

Sometimes just a simple ribbon around the gift will do.

So how do wrap your presents?

Enjoy your day!

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