Cheap is good, on sale is better FREE IS BEST!!

Admit it. You know it's true! You love to get something for nothing. Well, my readers, a friend of mine informed me that Kashi is giving away free cereal. That's right. Free! Check it out here.

Since I know you love getting something for free, I want to remind you about our two contests going on. We have a recipe book giveaway going on. All you have to do is make some bread. Any type of bread and email in a pic and the recipe and you will be entered in for a draw on a recipe book. I will share all recipes and photos that come in in a future post. We have had a couple of entries, but I sure would love to see more. I would love to have some new recipes for bread for whatever type of bread you are making. So send them in to smile_zil at yahoo dot ca. You have until tomorrow. Let's go folks!

The other wonderful contest we have going on is free exercise classes for you and a friend here in Charlottetown. Submit a healthy preservative and canned free recipe and you can win either for yourself or for someone else here on the island. You have until the end of the month for that one. Check it out.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, suggestions and questions. I promise to get back to you.

Enjoy your day!

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