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Hello readers,

A fellow reader emailed me a link to this great giveaway. It's at Dempster's and when you buy their bread, you can get a free toaster oven. However, they were only offering 10 000 toasters, and at last check were down to 2266 toasters left. If you don't make your own bread (MUCH cheaper than buying it) than maybe you should check this out.

If you want to learn how to make your own bread and save A LOT of money check out this post. Today is the last day to enter in the contest for making your own bread and winning a recipe book.

Looking for a frugal way to spend time with your friend(s) or special someone? Here are some contests and coupons for you and another to share! Life is always more fun with two instead of one.

For free exercise classes from The Whole Way here in Charlottetown, check out this post on a way to win classes for you and a friend.

Want to go to the movies? Great date night idea with this coupon! If you text to a certain number you can get an extra ticket to the movies for free!
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If you want something good to eat at the theatre and can't justify the high prices, check out this coupon for your next visit!
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There's always a deal to be had somewhere. It pays to check them out. If you hear of a deal, freebie, or giveaway and would like to let others know, please email me at smile_zil at yahoo dot ca and I will post it on here to share with everyone. I would love to hear from you.

Don't forget to enter our contests! Last day to enter for the recipe book is today!

Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to start looking at ideas for Valentine's Day celebrations. What do you do for a frugal Valentines? Do you have any frugal dating ideas? Please share with us in our comment section so someone else may profit, or save, from your knowledge.

Enjoy your day!

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