Got a Sweet Tooth?

This post initially was to let you all know about the sale for this week at Shoppers Drugmart. You see, I have a beef with their flyers. They only let people in the city/town know about the sales in their food flyers. They are the only people that get those special flyers. Even if you go online, unless you put in a urban postal code, you are not able to access their flyer. I think this stinks.

Thankfully, I have a friend that lives "in town" who lets me know when things like eggs, butter and sugar are on sale there. I use her postal code online to be able to view each week as well.  She was the one who let me know that starting January 30th butter ($3.49) and sugar ($1.49/ 2kg) are on sale at Shoppers. I love it when they go on sale so that I can stock up.

However, last evening, I found out from two friends about sugar going on up in price do to the rain happening in Brazil and India where a lot of our sugar comes from. I looked on the news and found this from ctv. They are talking about sugar going up to three times the amount in the next bit. Now we know that this isn't just sugar, but all grocery/baking items that contain sugar as well that will go up.

So the moral is, get your sugar this week on sale at Shoppers and if they are out please don't forget RAINCHEQUES!!!!!!!!  Then you have an extra month to stock up on this item.

There's your tip for the day.

Enjoy your day!

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