It's Flyer Day!

I know, it's sad, but I do get so excited for the flyers to come. In fact, I am awfully let down when flyerman doesn't drop mine off and I have to go looking online for them. I know it's more environmentally friendly, but there is something that I thoroughly enjoy about the tangibility of holding the flyer in my hand, of circling the deals I find and of cross referencing the sales between the different flyers. Anyone else out there like me?

I was asked by a reader to start posting sale prices on here. As I replied in a previous post, I really only look for what I buy. However, I have started to open my eyes to see what might be a good sale for others out there. I am only going to put on the REALLY good deals that maybe you should stock up on.

Too bad I didn't start this last week. There were some really good meat sales on at three of the grocery stores here. I went out last night to catch the sales at the end of the week, hoping that I would be able to get raincheques. I certainly lucked out at all three stores!

Lesson for all: when there is a really good sale on and you want more of it than you can afford at that moment, make sure you and your friends are on the look out for the stores being out of stock so that you can get a raincheque. It certainly helps out.

Here are this week's deals:


smoked picnic pork roast $2.20/kg
graves canned goods 2/$1
rice kripies family size box for $5
Cottenelle tp reg $9.49 on for $6
Mars bars pkg of 4 for $2.50 (much cheaper to buy them in a package than individually)


Chef Boy Ardee $1
Honey Bunches of Oats $2.49
Campbell variety of soup $0.66
Kraft Peanut Butter 1 kg $3


Boneless skinless chicken breasts $8.80/kg
10 lb jonagold apples $4.99
Campbell's variety soup pkg of 12 for $6.99 (that's $0.58 each!)
Artic garden mixed veggies 2kg $4.99
Robin Hood Flour 10kg  $10

If you see a great deal, please write in and share it with us all!

Enjoy your day!

PS Don't forget to enter our two contests: submit a healthy recipe and win free exercise classes, make bread win a cookbook. We have some entries, but would love more! Remember if you are posting about the bread you make on your own blog you can send a link in the comment section of that post and that will be your entry also.

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