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As I mentioned, this will become a weekly column, should there be comments in the past week. For this first week, I am going back, way back, and searching through everything that I have responded to thus far. I am a fantastic procrastinator.  So here we go:

Anonymous said...

I am loving your blog! I am a horrible price comparison shopper but want to get better. May I selfishly suggest you post the best prices when the flyers come out every week!

Hello Anonymous,

The only problem with posting the best prices, is that I may miss one as I have a tendency to only look for what I am looking for, or what I know is a deal that's too good to pass up. If you think that this will still help, I can include it in some of the new features that will be coming into play over the next few weeks. Please let me know.

Thanks for reading, I sure hope you come back more often.

 Sue said...

I love the look of this blog!!!!! Can I link to it from my blogs, please? I am on the look out for Nova Scotia content. Now, back to reading your post :-)

Hello All,
If you would like to link to my blog, feel free. For the nosey side of me, I would love it if you emailed me and let me know so that I could check it out.

 Kristine & Davis said...

I was recently looking through a cook-book that had a home-made gifts section. There were things like bath bombs, milk bath mix, etc etc etc. They looked really easy and fun, I can get the book name if you want.
Oh also if you go on Kijiji or to local farmers or craft markets you can find some great home-made things!! I am doing alot of home-made stuff this Christmas!!

Hello Kristine & Amp: Davis
I would love to have the name of the book. I think it may help with the how to section. Have you made some of these? Maybe we can talk about a guest post here.

 Sara said...

I have a recipe for homemade laundry detergent but I haven't used it yet. What sized pot did you use to heat up your mixture? Should you only use it for making soap making purposes or would you be able to cook in it afterwards? My biggest set back is finding a pot big enough and one that I would be willing to use strictly for detergent making. I might try your recipe instead, it seems to make a smaller amount.

Hello Sara,
Personally, I would only use it for making soap. I am a bit anal about things like that though, just the thought of cleaning products being made in the same pot as what cooks my supper in makes me say no, don't do it. You could probably either get a new one on sale at Canadian Tire or Walmart or check out Value Village or another thrift store.
I would love it if you shared your recipe with us as well. Please send it in!

Visible Voice said...

Well I haven't made laundry soap but I have just made and am trying home made facial cleanser so I'll let you know how that works out.
Send in your recipe and tell us how well it worked for you. I know those cleansers can be so expensive. It would be a great way to cut down on the cost.

Well everyone, that's all for this week for the readers' comments. Keep them coming. If I can't answer it, I will either find the answer or post it on here for all the readers to help you out. 

Enjoy your day!

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Visible Voice said...

Give me a few weeks so I can give you a review. Though I know it's worked for so many people and it's cheap cheap and from the earth!