Frugal Cleaning Tips


I know we have all heard of the cleaning abilities of this product. Truly it is an economically, environmentally and child friendly way to clean. You can clean so many things with vinegar.

In our home I use it chiefly use it for two purposes: a spray disinfectant and a soap scum cleaner.  To use it as a disinfectant, use equal parts of vinegar and water combined in a spray bottle and away you go. My complaint is that I don't enjoy my entire home smelling of vinegar. I love the smell of a "clean" home. Unfortunately, that is usually all of the chemicals that are placed in the cleaner. To combat the pickling smell, I add a few drops of an essential oil that reminds me of cleaner products; orange, pine or tea tree and then my home doesn't smell like I am making pickles, but "clean."

To make the soap scum cleaner, put drain down, wet shower with hot water, sprinkle baking soda on your tub surfaces, then spray with vinegar and wipe with sponge or cleaning rag. Sparkling clean and you don't have to worry about harsh chemicals with you or your children bathing in the tub.

Another one that I have used has been for a plugged kitchen drain. I pour baking soda down the drain, about a cup. Then I pour vinegar down the drain, about a cup. Put the drain cover in and let sit for a couple of minutes. Pour VERY HOT water down the drain and let run for a bit from your tap. Clog should disperse.

There are 1001 other uses for vinegar. Check out this blog and see what you can change. Then again, there's always the lovely use of pickling too!

Enjoy your day!

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