Frugal Food Starts At Home

Statistics show that the average household spends 12-14% of their income on food. My question to you is how much of that food is wasted?  Since being frugal is about being economical and not wasting, I thought we should start our households off being frugal with food and knowing what we have already.

We can't go on to making grocery lists, menu planning, stocking up on sale items, and not having to throw food out, without knowing what we have already. So here is your project for this week, if you choose to accept it:  we are going to take inventory from everything in your cupboards, your cold room, your fridge.  Items you'll need: forms that you can print off on the links below from, sheet protectors, pen and a washable or dry erase marker.

Now after you have the forms printed off and you have your pen handy let's head to your cupboards and your pantries. I have a separate form for upstairs in my cupboard and downstairs where I have my extra food. Someday I may show you a picture of downstairs. Start with a cupboard and write down the items there in pen on the sheet. Place the sheet in the protector and write down how many items you have on the sheet with your marker. A line going one way through the box shows what you have. Once you have used it place a line the other way to form an X. After you have done your cupboards and pantry, check out your cold room/fridge (larder form) and your freezers. I have one for upstairs fridge freezer and downstairs big freezer. This is the beginning of your frugal food. Stay tuned for the next step. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think or if you decide to do this and how it went!

Have a different way of knowing what's in your home? Let us know! What works for one, doesn't always work for everyone else. 

Enjoy your day!