Jack frost festival PEI

Hey All,

I don't know if any of you are planning on attending the Jack Frost Festival this weekend in Charlottetown, but there is a deal to be had this Monday. On Monday, Islander Day, you can go to the Festival for just $5 a person. That is much more affordable than the $20 a person they were charging for today. We had free tickets for part of the day today, and I must say that I wasn't particularly impressed with the lack of snow activities that they had for the amount they were charging. So if you are planning on going, wait until Monday and get your money's worth then.

Also, another deal for Islander Day is to be had at Brookvale Ski Hill. I can't remember the total amounts or anything, but check out their site to see. I know there was something about $6 a person.

Enjoy your night! and Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow...

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Kelly said...

Hi! I'm planning on taking advantage of Brookvale's Islander Day special so I happen to know the prices :)

lift pass - $6
ski rental - $6
snowboard rental - $11