My Fantastic Deal Last Week!

I just had to share what I was able to get last week. I feel so excited! Remember when I posted about the coupons for the games on the back of the Rice Krispie boxes? The one for $10 off board games? (There are still some available at Walmart btw) And remember when I posted about starting your Christmas shopping WAY early? Well last week, I used two of these coupons when Zellers had a bunch of games onsale for $15 from $23 regular. I bought two of these games for gifts for this year and with the sale and my two $10 coupons, I only paid $15 with tax! I saved $32 on board games. Can I just say here that I can't believe how expensive games are?

Last week, I also cashed in on my raincheque that I had from Sobeys for their steaks that they had onsale a month ago of buying one steak and getting two free. I bought 18 really great steaks for $50! Would have regularly cost me over $150! Gotta love it! Not only was this a great deal, but because I had a raincheque for such a quantity, the butcher had to go and cut fresh steak in the back room for me. Really fresh meat.

I love a deal. I would love to hear about great deals that you found recently. Post a comment here for bragging rights.

Enjoy your day!


Gillian said...

I went to a service auction at my church and came home with two days of babysitting, homemade bread, supper, and beautiful artwork... all for doing things I would have anyways. Now THAT'S a deal!!

Carla said...

I got two games before Christmas with that coupon for $5! Operation and Monopoly (Monopoly was $10, making it free and Operation was $15, so $5 for that). Great gifts for practically nothing. I also had coupons for the Rice Crispies so I only paid $1 a box for those :)

Lately I haven't been spending much money. The Catelli whole grain pasta is often on sale for $1.33-$1.49 and there are coupons for 75 cents off. The kids eat a lot of whole grain spaghetti so I stock up at this price! On sale this week so I'll be getting more.

Last month I bought about $200 worth of groceries for about $35 at Superstore and boy was I excited! I used a lot of coupons, a lot of half off items and it took a long time but boy was it worth it! I wish I kept the receipt!

Oh and I scored pinatas there for $2.22. Bought two for birthdays this year!