What makes you frugal?

I was just checking out the window to see if flyerman was here yet and got to thinking what makes readers come to visit my blog? Why are they being frugal? So I thought I would ask.

We are frugal because we decided before we even got married that one person would stay at home with our children. That means one income. We decided that I would stay at home because I had the lower income earning job. I was studying to be a teacher and someday, when my children are grown and gone, I will be one to other people's children. Being on one income sure makes you re-access everything you spend and watch for ways to save your money so it meets everything.

If I had continued to teach, we figured that after childcare for our four children that need it, a second car and everything that comes with a second vehicle, plus different clothes for work, meals for lunch, quicker suppers that may have to happen, don't forget deductions and all that other lovely stuff, that I would bring in a whole 6400 a month!

That's a lot of work for $600 a month. Especially when I can make that at home. So instead of the stress of all of that, we stretch our dollars a little further.

It means that we don't go out to eat as often as others, or have a lot of extras, we have to plan a little more ahead and watch for sales and what not, but hey, that's not too bad. Anyway, this is my reason for being frugal. Care to share yours?

Enjoy your day!


Rachel said...


I'm the visitor from Calgary! Checking out everything Charlottetown because I'm moving to your beautiful island in June. It's a big change for me, and I'm nervous/scared/excited... Your blog is so enjoyable - not only for the tips, but for me to get a "feel" for your community.


Liz said...

Awesome Rachel!

That's an exciting move. If I can, I'll answer any questions or whatever you have. You can comment here or email me at smile_zil at yahoo dot ca. Keep coming back!

Carla said...

Hi! What drives us to be frugal is my husband works part time at Sobeys and I stay at home (homeschooling the kids. This was a major priority of ours). Sooooo, yeah, we don't have much to go around but we make it stretch so we can have enough plus put money into savings. We always have enough (I thank tithing for that!).

Kelly said...

hi liz!

i try to be frugal because really... who doesn't love a bargain? i think i inherited my frugal nature from my mother, the queen of bargain hunting!

and also, i live in charlottetown now but i am a newfie, so consider a newfoundlander on your list of loyal readers :)