Flyer Friday! (oops! It's really Tuesday!)

Again, I am a procrastinator. I promise to get on the ball this week. I know for those of you out there that don't get the flyers, you're waiting. My apologies.

Superstore: They are having their 1/2 price sale!!!!
Butterball regular or stuffed young turkey $3.06/kg (think Easter in a couple of weeks)
Janes Pub Style Chicken Breast Strips $4.99 870/880g THIS IS HALF PRICE!! (think chicken wraps for lunches)
Cottonelle Ultra Bathroom Tissue 12 double rolls $3.99
Fresh Peppers $3.90/kg
Minute Maid Punch frozen $0.43
Larsen Pizza toppings $0.90/100g
Medium Ground Beef $3.95/kg
Larsen light'n'low sausages $4.49/kg
PC whole Chicken $5.49/kg
Butcher's Choice sesaoned pork loin chops $4.39/kg
Post Cereal 330g/620g $1.99

There are a whole bunch of other 1/2 price sales going on there. Check out their flyer.

They are having their buy one get one free sale on. Please check their flyer as well.

Selected General Mills Cereal 370-505g 2/$7
Lantic white sugar 4kg $3.99
Selected Ragu pasta sauce $0.99

Ragu Pasta Sauce or Italpasta 900g $0.99

Kraft Peanut Butter 750ml-1kg $2.97
Palmolive Dishwashing Soap 3.8l $7

Shoppers Drug Mart:
Eggs $1.99/dozen
Everyday Market Butter 1lb $3.49

If you see another sale you think we should all know about, please let us know!

Enjoy your day!

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Cathy D said...

Just make sure if you buy the Cottonelle tp that you DON'T BUY THE BLUE PACKAGE!! It's 1-PLY!!! Seriously, like WHAT'S THE POINT!! You have to use twice as much!! Make sure you get the PURPLE package - it's the 2-ply and is the SAME price and the blue!! I know!! Who woulda thunk!?